Monday, February 2, 2009

All Better

Fixed a bug in the MLT code, now there are no magic squares on the walls.
I still want to learn to implement latin hypercube stratified sampling with the MLT, and Haltron and the likes. I'm thinking about giving up all hopes of simple pathtracing and making this a pure MLT+-bidirectional renderer. i figure i can use the same geometry, scene, and visual core in order to add regular path tracing capiabilities one day. the added simplicity would make it much easier to implement lots of MLT specific optimizations.

There is also the possibility that i might abandon all hopes of this being a usefull renderer, and make it super unbiased (polarization, spectra, quantum properties of light... double slit...)

In other news, I've been reqruited to make my renderer suitable for animations. there are many reasons other than speed that I'm ignoring that would make my renderer useless for animations. The reason I agreed was because i had an idea that if i applied MLT directly to the animation sequence, the most relevant parts of the sequence would render first, and each image would be equaly rendered. My delta sampling could also be applied with respect to time so that that artifacts cause the animation to be less fuzzy.

I have way too many ideas and way too little time to try them all. Its sad.

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