Sunday, February 22, 2009

yay- 4000 spp

I fixed boolean opperations, and I have a webpage.

anybody who can, can yall try to open tlrcam's jar and see if you can read the source?


  1. In the jar file, there are everything: pictures, your backup files, class files, etc... So yes, I can read the source code. Is it what you wanted?
    I never post a comment on your blog but I would like to say that I really appreciate it and what you do! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

  2. There is no any .jar in there. I presume it is because you took it out. But what did you left the zip for?
    Anyway im waiting to test it...

    Btw. your diffuse spheres have a sharp mark on them, isnt it caused by calculating perpendicular vectors for diffuse reflection in a wrong way?

  3. yeah, I took it down temporarily- it was an old one anyway. I left the zip up because I thought I would have something up there in 5 minutes, but I did some tests and changed my mind.

    The sharp mark on the diffuse spheres I think is a product of the fact that the spheres aren't perfectly diffuse (they have a little reflectivity in them because I was curious to see how they'd look). I did however spend some time trying to find the non existent bug, so although I do not commit, I would say its a slight reflection of the HDRI.

  4. come on, it's obviously a bug :P

  5. well, I'm pretty sure I fixed it, but if I didn't please render all the scenes you can where the bug can be seen-

    I'm currently rendering the same scene without the reflective component to confirm what I said.