Tuesday, February 10, 2009

at 900 spp.

i ran some tests and found that path tracing runs at about 8000 mps on this image, and mlt/this runs at 7000 mps. not as big a difference over the long run as i though. it means i can stop trying to optimize it as much.

Problem: both mlt, this, and path tracing start out rendering at about 30000 mps, then go on to an average of 20000 mps for about 5 miniutes, (the warm up ends after about 1 miniute), and then finally jumps down to below 10000 mps. I have no idea why it is doing this.
ideas: Java's garbage collector not acting up...
mt random number generator something
memory leak.
no clue.

Any ideas?


  1. very nice image, as im not yet that familiar with mlt i wont help but tell me, is it done on top of bidirectional or standard path tracing?

  2. standard- I haven't had time yet to rewrite any bidirectional code, and none of these images require any bidirectional anyway.